What is AA VIP Member?

Known as “Absolutely Amazing VIP Member” – it’s an exclusive reward program designed for members to collect and redeem points, enjoy various product discount at AA Pharmacy outlets.

1. How can I join as AA VIP Member?

Membership is open to individuals who are 18 years of age and above. Residents and non-residents of Malaysia (who must carry telco number from Malaysia) or downloaded AA Mobile App via Google Play store for Android users or Apple App store for IOS users and activate the membership. This membership program is not entitle for wholesale account.

2. Register as member in any AA Pharmacy outlet by using IC and telephone number.

Download AA Mobile App via Google Play store for Android users or Apple App store for IOS users. Once downloaded, go to “member” button and click “first time login”.

  1. Type in both (IC Number & Mobile Number) and click PROCEED to start
  2. Add “00” in front of your IC last 6 digits to use it as PASSWORD to activate it.

Example: “00105337”

3. Wholesale account

Not entitle for the points benefit. If customer wants to register under wholesale account, the password will be 00 continue with the 6 digits of the company registration number. Example: company registration number – (492519-K) then the password will be – 002519-K

4. What if outlet wrongly convert VIP Member to Wholesale account?

Outlet staff need post in outlet support group and request to reverse back the account. Then it will take within 24 hours to reverse.

5. Is there any membership card for AA VIP Member?

Member will receive individual virtual membership card with a unique barcode and QR code and they can view it when log in to AA Mobile App.

6. What are the benefits to join AA VIP Member?

Apart from enjoy Everyday Low Price, member can also entitle on the following benefits:

  • FREE Lifetime membership
  • FREE 200 welcome points instantly
  • Enjoy 2X points when you spend during your birthday month
  • Enjoy 2X points when you spend during our special events (member’s day & opening sale)
  • Enjoy 2X & 3X points on selected products
  • Collect & redeem points with Cash Voucher (RM1 = 1 Point Reward) 750 points = RM5 Cash Voucher Redemption
  • Get track of your purchase & medication history
  • Be the first to know about our exclusive promotions & discounts

7. How do I check my current points balance?

Points earned after every purchase are reflected within 24 hours on your member account. Points that are not reflected at the point of purchase will be updated the next working day. You may also log on to your Mobile app Member account, or visit to any AA Pharmacy outlets for more inquiry.

8. How do I update my member details?

You may also log on to your Mobile app Member account, to update your latest profile, or visit to any AA Pharmacy outlets for assistance. Personal mobile phone number and birthday date is only allowed to update ONCE (one time). Member need to report or visit to any AA Pharmacy outlet if he/she request to amend or revise without fail.

9. I do not have mobile number.

A valid mobile phone number is required as member ID and it is for account maintenance purpose. Every mobile number will be treated as single ID, therefore, every single mobile phone number can be only registered ONCE. Member needs to take own risk and responsibilities if he/she use third party mobile phone number for member registration. AA Pharmacy reserves the right to stop service or correct any errors, mistakes, omission or inaccuracies.  

10. Will I be able to enjoy all member benefits instantly upon sign-up?

Yes, you may receive 200 points as a welcome point and start accumulating points immediately after activating your membership. For those joined before 30 November 2018, you may receive welcome reward points within one month time but can start to collect points upon every purchase at AA Pharmacy outlet.

11. Can I get birthday bonus points during my birthday?

Yes, it’s double points for your birthday month and it will be credited into your membership account before 28th on the next month.

12. Does my membership have an expiry date?

Membership will be automatically extended 1 year if there is any transaction within the last 12 months from the card expiry date. Else it can be extended free of charge by performing single transaction at any of our outlet.

13. Does membership points expired?

Point will only be expired after one year from member last purchased date i.e. last purchase 01/01/2019. Point expiry date will be on 02/01/2020. The cash voucher will have expiry of 12 months from the date of conversion. Balance points will only be expired if there is no transaction within last 12 months from the card expiry date.

14. Is it possible to merge the points accumulated in the two AA Members owned separately by me and my friend/family member?

Cannot. The membership is designated for individual use by the respective member only. No merging or transfer of points from different account is allowed.

 15. How to convert my points into cash voucher?

Point accumulate will be auto-converted to cash voucher value RM 5 when it reach 750 and above. Conversion will take around one month. After converted, the cash voucher expiry will be one year from the date of point converted. Point balance reaching the voucher conversion threshold will be automatically converted into cash voucher within 14 days.

16. How to use the cash voucher upon payment?

Member need to show the virtual cash voucher and staff from AA Pharmacy need to key in manually the voucher number in system. Cash voucher can be combined upon payment.

17. Is there any items that not excluded for points claim?

Points will not be awarded for certain items for any brands of milk powder, sanitary pad, diapers or other items under the company’s discretion from time to time.

18. How do I earn points?

You get 1 AA Membership Point for every RM1 spent. You can fast-track your point’s accumulation by purchasing selected products with extra points, joining our special in-store events or etc.

19. Does the point entitle for the items which have rebate / discount?

Yes, but it is depend on the product which only have supplier rebate.

20. What can I do with the points earned?

Points can be redeemed the cash voucher on your next purchase at AA outlet after your points reach 750 points = RM5 cash voucher. You may also keep accumulating points through several purchases and redeem goods of higher value at a later time.

21. What is the minimum point redemption?

Points must be redeemed in minimum blocks of 150 points = RM1 and with maximum limit of 7500 points =RM50. There are total 4 denomination of cash voucher can be redeemed with AA points which are RM5, RM10, RM20 and RM50.

22. What to do if register through mobile app but the virtual regular ID doesn’t appear?

Log out and quit the App, then try log in again.

23. What to do if register through mobile app or after purchase but points does not reflected in the app?

Generally, points earned after every purchase are reflected within 24 hours on your member account. Points that are not reflected at the point of purchase will be updated the next working day. However, outlet could advise member to Log out and quit the App, then log in again, OR outlet could raise this issue on behalf of member via Support Center for further verification

24. Are there any privacy protection measures for my personal information submitted online?

All personal data submitted will be kept highly confidential secured. Your contact information will be used by solely by AA Pharmacy for promotional purposes only.

25. Do you store my personal information on the mobile app?

Yes, on the Mobile App under your account, it will show your mobile number with barcode scanning purpose and member name and address.

26. May I share my virtual membership card with others for member benefits?

We do not encourage sharing of your membership to prevent cases of misappropriation of use.