Written by Syazana Nadirah, Marketing Executive

As we know nowadays the weather is unpredictable, it might be raining heavily every evening for some period of time, and sometimes it might be just shine and bright for the whole week! Due to this current weather, we can easily fall sick and may be indirectly exposed to get fever, headache, flu, sore throat and many more. But somehow, we can prevent this from happening. Here are some tips to share with you!

Always bring your rain gears

Getting wet from a sudden downpour can cause sudden change with body temperature that may lead to fever and cold. To avoid getting sick, don’t forget to bring your umbrella and rain coat with you wherever you go. Those are not only the best rain gears, but also considered as sickness shield against cough, colds or fever when you’re caught up on a rainy day. Sudden downpour can leads to headache too. Once you’re exposed to the downpour, do wash your head immediately, as it may lesser the chances of getting sick.

Eat healthy

Eating healthy food is the cheapest way to protect you from sickness. You can cook a hot soup to invigorate your body or eat Vitamin C-rich foods to boost your immune system to help repulse flu and infection. Watch out for diarrhea, one of the common rainy-day diseases often caused by eating spoiled or contaminated foods. So always remember to wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly, before start cooking or eating. A delicious and healthy food is what makes rainy days a little warmer.

Drink lots of water

We need to drink a lot of water not only during the hot weather, but during raining seasons too. Some of us might think that drinking water during cold day is not important as much as drinking during the hot day; however we still need to consume the same amount of water taking no matter how the weather is to avoid fluid lost. By drinking lots of water, we’re actually preventing our body from dehydration, and also to help our kidney to process the cleaning of our body efficiently. A consistency in drinking clean water everyday will eventually helps to balance our body temperature and prevent infection. Therefore, drink eight glass of water every day!